For the last five years, Pioneers in Engineering (PiE) have provided a low cost robotics competition to Bay Area high school students that face a high barrier to entry in conventional robotics competitions. One way PiE maintains its commitment to low cost is through its in-house manufacturing and development of a robotics kit, complete with electronics and aluminum to assemble a driving robot! Recently, PiE has pushed to develop its own motor controllers and has to rely on multiple design iterations before arriving at a dependable motor controller for competition use.

For these reasons, PiE has depended on Advanced Circuits the last five years for all of its printed circuit board (PCBs) needs. From custom shields for the FEZ Panda II to the kits’ motor controllers, PiE uses these PCBs manufactured by Advanced Circuits in its prototyping as well as creating the final product shipped in its robotics kits every year. Because PiE’s electronics iterates through many cycles, PiE can always depend on Advanced Circuit’s prompt delivery dates as well as high quality manufacturing in our PCBs.

Thank you Advanced Circuits for your continued support for the past years and thank you for helping us support STEM outreach in the Bay Area!