Last Saturday, June 22, PiE hosted a workshop at Tech Liminal as a part of Workshop Weekend, a two-day event for community learning. Participants of the workshop made speakers from styrofoam bowls, neodymium magnets, coiled copper wires, and other everyday materials.

PiE’s workshop had six participants of all ages. The workshop began with a brief introduction to the electromagnetic elements involved in sound production, followed by each student assembling his or her own speaker. As the speakers started coming together, students began experimenting with their designs. One eager learner piled on extra magnets to improve the volume of his speaker, while another tweaked a coil to improve the responsiveness of her own. Throughout the workshop, the students slowly began to appreciate how the materials’ various configurations influenced the speaker’s performance.

Everyone left the workshop satisfied with their work and with a working speaker as a souvenir. One of the participants commented that PiE’s workshop was the best she had ever participated in because every participant had a functioning product by the end of the workshop.

We’d like to give a warm thank you to our participants and to the organizers of Workshop Weekend, Gil and J.D. Zamfirescu, for making hands-on education in the community more accessible to all.