On July 19th, with the help of Bay Area Teen Science (B.A.T.S.), [email protected], and First Graduate, PiE was able to showcase its robots to hundreds of middle and high school students at the Bay School of San Francisco.

We had the chance to talk to several students about what life is like in college. What can I do as an engineer? Which classes should I take? Is college a lot harder than high school? These were just a few of the questions students asked as they visited our table in the courtyard. The students were quite interested to hear from Berkeley students, and many of them will soon begin the process of choosing their own colleges and careers. It was great to see that so many students were interested in careers in STEM.

At our table, students were able to learn about current, voltage, and power by experimenting with different circuits built from components of Snap Circuits kits. Many students practiced their driving skills by maneuvering a robot around a circular course and pushing blocks around. Finally, we were able to watch chemical reactions take place as we mixed Diet Coke and Mentos together for a very spectacular result.

There were many great booths at the event, and it was a pleasure to be around so many individuals who love STEM education. Thanks again to the coordinators of the event, Dan and Ann; PiE had a great time working with everyone!