Last Friday, March 3, 2014, the PiE Prep Season came to a successful close. In the 2013-2014 season, PiE Prep staff and mentors carried out 16 project based STEM lessons and activities with students at Ralph Bunche High School in Oakland and at Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC) in Alameda.

Over the course of these lessons, students explored electricity and magnetism, mechanical design, principles of computational thinking via Blockly, and programming sensors via the Lego Mindstorms kits. In these past four weeks, students at Ralph Bunche were working with the Blockly programming lessons. Meanwhile, students at ACLC worked on a final robot project designed by PiE staff. As a part of the project, students had to use Lego Mindstorms to assemble a robot that could correctly sort colored blocks, drive up an incline, and traverse a maze.

Prep’s aim is to expose students to science and engineering principles. With this initial exposure, we hope that students would be interested and motivated to then independently further pursue STEM-related topics and projects. Prep’s secondary goal is to get students introduced to the skills they would be using during the Spring Robotic’s Competition. Thus, as the Prep Season ended, the Robotics competition began with the season Kickoff, March 1, 2014. Be on the lookout for Robotics Season blog posts and check out our 2014 album on Facebook!