Students who have used the current control system user interface (CSUI) have probably got frustrated by the problems in it. Though PiE has been using the control software PiEMOS in recent years, a more user-friendly control system user interface is currently being developed inside PiE. Allen Li, the project manager for CSUI, was excited to share some progress about the project he and his team members are currently working on. According to Allen, currently available user interface lacks of familiarity towards the users. In other words, the developer of existing CSUI usually expected the users to be familiar with programming. As a result, the project team has worked hard since April 2013 to design and create easy-to-use user interface for people in general, even for those who have never done robots / programming.

The project is aimed to make a control system particularly targeted for high school students. Even, the team is trying to design the user interface as simple as possible such that very young children can play with it at least at basic levels.

One of interesting aspects about the new user interface is that it provides text editor to put in whatever code the users want. Moreover, the code will wirelessly get deployed on the robot. After running the code, the user will get immediate feedback in the form of real-time graph from the robot. Hopefully, the new user interface is done immediately because I believe everyone is excited about it.