PiE Fall Competition

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Why Fall Comp?

Our goal: keep students engaged in the fall semester.

Our Spring Competition only runs in the second half of the school year, and our Fall Workshops are usually attended by a limited set of our RC participants. We wanted an event that allowed students an equally exciting experience to PiE RC, but didn't overwhelm them with more build tasks. Our Fall Competition is, for now, limited to returning teams, since teams re-use their robot from the previous season to compete in the same game. This allows them to expand on their design from the previous season and refine their gameplay. For this reason, we are able to offer Fall Competition as a free event for our returning teams!

A Multi-Part Event

RC: Reboot

Replaying the past year’s competition can be done easily by any of the teams who have participated in the past with little to no cost, as team keep their robots from the past years. While teams may just brush off the dust when the competition comes back around, it is encouraged they at least briefly test the robot to ensure everything is sound for a smoother competition. Teams also have the opportunity to complete unfinished business, as a rushed season may lead to an incomplete robot, or even, if they decide to try a different design, rebuild their entire robot.

Software Design Challenge

This year's software design challenge will likely be a timed challenge. Students will receive a task, and will be given a set amount of time to accomplish the goal. We want to give students the opportunity to tackle a design challenge on the spot, with a level playing field for everyone involved. To keep the challenge a surprise, minimal details will be released until the day of the event.


To increase the variety of events at Fall Comp, we hope to hold a workshop related to some engineering discipline. Check back for more details soon!

Welcome to Pioneers in Engineering’s 2019 Fall Competition!

This page has the day’s itinerary, as well as some handy information! Hope you will enjoy, and remember to Dry Another Day !

Time Fall Competition MDC
8:00 AM Check In
9:00 AM Driver Meeting/Announcements
9:30 AM Exhibition Matches
10:00 AM Qualification Matches Workshop Session 1
10:30 AM Qualification Matches Workshop Session 2
11:00 AM Qualification Matches Workshop Session 3
11:30 AM Qualification Matches Workshop Session 4
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Diversity Discussion Panel
2:30 PM Elimination Matches
4:30 PM Awards Ceremony
5:00 PM Check Out

Pit Assignments + Match Schedules

Pit assignments and match schedules are on another print out (to be handed out day of).


Unfortunately, we are not providing lunch at this event. There are many great places to eat on Euclid Avenue (which is very close), as well as Telegraph Avenue. Don’t take too long to eat, though; the schedule will not wait for you!