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Join us for Fall 2020 recruiting!

We've got a great lineup of events ready to welcome you (back) to Berkeley. Come to an infosession to find out what we're all about, then decide which project team you want to help out with at Project Expo. We believe that everyone can find a place to contribute in PiE, regardless of year or major, so don't hesitate to come out! You'll also be able to find us tabling at Calapalooza online.

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Week 1

Event Link Time Description
Infosession #1 Monday 8/31, 7 - 8:30 PM Come learn about what being part of PiE is all about!
Infosession #2 Thursday 9/4, 7 - 8:30 PM

Week 2

Event Link Time Description
Infosession #3 Tuesday 9/8, 7 - 8:30 PM
Infosession #4 Friday 9/11, 3 - 4:30 PM

Week 3

Event Link Time Description
Microsoft x PIE Datathon Monday 9/12, 8 AM - 8:00 PM Come join us in our all-day datathon sponsored by Microsoft!

Week 4

Event Link Time Description
Project Expo #1 Wednesday 9/16, 7 - 9:00 PM Come learn about the projects in PiE.
Project Expo #2 Saturday 9/19, 1 - 3:00 PM

Become a Member

Want to help out? Here at PiE, we don't have an application process. Rather, we firmly believe that any UC Berkeley student who is interested in our club has something to offer, whether community-wise, project-wise, or anything else that we can't think of ourselves! Simply fill out the forms or come check out worksession and we'll get you started!

Worksession Time Location
Wednesday 7 - 9 PM 145 McCone (Announcements), then 101 O'Brien or O'Brien Breezeway 2nd Floor (depending on team) [map]
Saturday 1 - 3 PM 101 O'Brien or O'Brien Breezeway 2nd Floor (depending on team) [map]
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Why Join Pie?

Professional Development

Learn hands-on engineering, coding, and finance skills all the while making important connections with industry professionals and experienced UC Berkeley students.


PiE is an organization of peers, a collection of friends, and a found family. From biannual retreats to spontaneous dinner outings, we've always got comething fun to do.


We have the tools, the space, and the brainpower for you to do great things. Whether you need a workbench or a helping hand, we've got it.


PiE has served over 30 schools and 700 students in the Bay Area. We believe STEM education should be fun and acessible. Join us in our mission to lead, educate, and inspire.

Many former PiE staff have research positions or are in grad school; many others have had internships or now work at top companies.

Learn about project management. Get feedback on and experice at making real products for real people.

Got a new board game to try out? Need a ranked 5's team? Kayaking? PiE staff have diverse recreational interests.

Design lessons for high school students. Teach fellow staff how to do cool things. We are designers, leaders, and Pioneers.

Our clubroom, 101 O'Brien, is the 3rd largest student organization space on campus. We have places to study, work on projects, and chill between classes.

Fall Infosession Slides See full list of projects! Click here for FAQ!

Become a Mentor

Interested in participating in PiE's mission by becoming a mentor and role model for a team of high school students? PiE RC DeCal, offered every spring, offers just that!

  • Learn robotics
  • Teach and bond with a team of passionate high school students
  • Earn units
  • Satisfy teaching experience requirements
  • Tons of fun!
More about Mentoring



Mechanical, Electrical, Software


Game Design, Events, Schools


Mentorship, Workshops, Metrics


Business, Web Applications, Staff

Kit Engineering Projects


Kit Software
PM: Karen Darken, Matthew Guo
Learn more


Kit Software
PM: Rafael Ostrea, Gregory Jerian
Learn more

Hibike + Runtime

Kit Software
PM: Ben Liao
Learn more


Kit Mechanical
PM: Sophia Li, Albert Wen
Learn more

PiE Sens

Kit Electrical
PM: Lizhi Yang, Kaitlyn Chan
Learn more


Kit Electrical
PM: Sherwin Afshar
Learn more

Shepherd (Field Control)

Kit Software
PM: Ryan Koh
Learn more

Programs Projects

Corporate and Public Relations

PM: Jessica Au
Learn more

Event Planning

Learn more


PM: Jesse Valva
Learn more

Education & Outreach Projects


PM: Ashley Byrne
Learn more

Web Operations Projects


PM: Kevin Zhu
Learn more


We are looking for professors and industry professionals to volunteer at our events. You can help us by being a judge at our Design Reviews and/or Final Competition.

Please contact us at [email protected]

Design Review Judge

We require each high school team to give a presentation to a panel of professors and industry professionals during the first few weeks of the competition season. The purpose of the reviews is to encourage high school students to present their ideas and to receive feedback on their design.

Final Competition Judge

At Final Competition, teams can earn awards for superior mechanical, electrical, and software robot design. We invite professors and industry professionals to judge these designs and decide on an award winner in each category.


+ I missed infosession! Is it too late?

Absolutely not! You can see the slides from our infosession here, and read through this page for some basic info about Pioneers in Engineering.

+ How do I join? Do I have to apply?

There is no application to get involved with Pioneers in Engineering. We do have a few forms for you to fill out, which you can view here. However, these forms are not an application - they're for you to set up your PiE account and start doing cool stuff with us! You can drop off these forms at one of our worksessions, or pick up pre-printed copies there.

+ Do I have to be an engineering major to join?

Nope! Plenty of PiE staff are non-engineers - we have Computer Science majors, Cognitive Science majors, Biology majors, Econ majors, and more! We encourage people to explore projects that aren't necessarily related to their field of study.

+ What if I don't show up to every worksession?

PiE members help out on a volunter basis. We don't expect you to always show up nor will we disqualify you. Help out when you can, wherever you can. However, if you agree to do a time-sensitive task, please try to complete the task promptly, or talk to your PM about reassigning it.

+ What if I'm not qualified to contribute to the project I'm interested in?

PiE is one of those clubs that frankly don't care who you are, how cool you are, what your GPA is, nor what your qualifications are. We are open to training and assisting anyone who is willing to help and to learn. If you think you are struggling to learn the skills needed or to commit enough time, talk to your PM about it for advice, or talk to leadership about it. There is always a need for more people who are willing to serve.

+ What needs does PiE have?

A lot, and when considering the possibilities, countless. PiE, in whatever project, event, or any other scenario, always has a need waiting to be filled. Again, it doesn't matter what you know; we'll train you and offer guidance. Read our project descriptions for exciting work that could expand the impact PiE has.

+ Can I bring up new ideas? I don't know if my ideas would be considered important-er than the ones currently being worked on.

First off, leadership will not judge you for your ideas. Your ideas will be appreciated and possibly even supported. PiE is an organization that can only grow if we have new ideas, new people, new vision.

+ When/where does PiE meet?

Our worksessions are every Wednesday from 7 - 9 PM and every Saturday from 1 - 3 PM. We meet in O'Brien Hall - typically in 212 O'Brien or the Breezeway. You can also frequently find us in our clubroom, 101 O'Brien, whether or not we have worksession. 101 can be a little tricky to find the first time around - let us know if you need help!