Kit Engineering Projects


Kit Software

PM: Arjun Sridhar, Kevin Ma

Dawn is the interface our high school students use to program their robots. - members will learn the tools needed to create modern applications, taking into consideration design and user experience, as well as ensuring the performance and scalability of a JavaScript-based system.


Kit Software

PM: Jonathan Lee

Our DevOps team is responsible for the infrastructure that all other projects are based around. Here, you’ll learn and utilize, first hand, industry standard tools and systems. Gain experience working with a GNU/Linux development environment, shell scripting, CI (continuous integration), and more!

Hibike + Runtime

Kit Software

PM: Tiffany Chiang

Hibike and Runtime are responsible for managing the state of the robot and its sensors. There are both high and low level programming opportunities (Python & C++) available, alongside traditional dev-ops work (Makefiles & Bash).


Kit Mechanical

PM: Chad Wakamiya, Miyuki Weldon

The mechanical team is responsible for designing the robot base kit and kit extension pieces that students use to bring their ideas to the competition. For those who have participated in robotics, this experience provides insight on the processes behind creating the mechanical kit. This year we will be improving our previous base kit by introducing new structural pieces. You’ll gain hands-on prototyping experience as we teach you how to use Solidworks, a professional 3-D modeling software, and provide machine shop training. In addition, we’ll explore different robot subsystems. You can build prototypes of lifts, drive trains, and intake mechanisms that will be used to inspire high school students!

PiE Sens

Kit Electrical

PM: Averal Kandala

PiE Sens is one of the two projects in PiE Electrical. Members of the team go through an iterative design process to put together our electrical system. The staff goes through a brainstorming phase to collect ideas on what sensors are required for the game. Then, the sensors are prototyped and then translated into a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). We teach the staff how to use industry level PCB software to route our boards before having our sponsors send us the completed boards. We then manufacture the boards in house to test and revise.


Kit Electrical

PM: Nick Werblun

PiEDB is the other half of the PiE Electrical Team. It holds focus on one board, the PDB (Power Distribution Board). It has two components, the battery cell voltage display and the actual power distribution. It goes through the same iterative design process as PiE Sens, but has its own project because of its difficulty in power electronics. It has much room to grow because of our partnership with TI as we try to incorporate more of their technologies.

Shepherd (Field Control)

Kit Software

PM: Sam Zhou

Shepherd serves as the conductor of PiE competitions. On a high level, field control is very much about interfacing with different sources of information, processing it at a central location, the Shepherd program, and sending commands back to the field/scoreboard. This is one of the larger projects this upcoming season as its goal is to rewrite the entire field control protocol and upgrade it to handle this year’s game. In order to accomplish this, some members on the team will work on developing a scheme for sensors and configuring Arduino controllers to relay information back to Shepherd, some will work on the LCM network protocol that sends commands to each driver station, and some will work on the design and implementation of a new web based UI for displaying score and relevant game information to the teams/audience. Also, as this will be quite a large project involving many different fields of software development, it will be a great opportunity to learn about many of the other projects in PiE and to work with other members outside of just the Shepherd team. Also Sam likes cooking so maybe there’ll be some Shepherd’s Pie at some point or another >:(


Kit Sourcing

PM: Jehan Yang

Programs Projects


The purpose of Biz Ops is - to put it in one short phrase - to get money. What that phrase encompasses is more than what it may sound like. Business helps to raise the funds necessary for many things across the board, from the projects to the events to the supplies and materials provided to the students. This entails networking with potential sponsors as well as maintaining relations with current ones, applying to grants and funding, and helping make PiE known both on campus and among corporate sponsors.

Event Planning

PiE holds 6 major events per year for our high school students - Fall Competition, Spring Kickoff, Game Day, Design Reviews, Scrimmage, and Final Competition. The event planning team interfaces with UC Berkeley staff and faculty, industry professionals, and nearly every project in PiE to make our events happen.

Game Design Committee

PM: Charlie Friesen

What’s a robotics competition without a game? The game drives what many PiE staff work on for this next year. This group works on designing a game that is fair, challenging, and exciting for our high school students. A good game is also exciting and challenging for PiE staff to work on!

Game Implementation Committee

PM: Jesse Valva

While designing a game for a robotics competition is important, following through on the design is equally, if not more important. Join in on tasks like field construction and being a referee. The highlights of Game Implementation are the ease of joining and the large impact we cause. All you need to bring is time to invest and we’ll get you working on projects that are fundamental to the competition. Your handiwork will even be displayed and used by all the high school students.

Education & Outreach Projects


PM: Angela Kwon

Education, Development, and You! In the fall, our education team designs the curriculum for our spring semester Mentorship DeCal, and keeps students engaged in the robotics off-season with our workshops. This time we’re partnering with schools around the bay to host a gear kit workshop, which features a kit we laser cut and prototyped this summer!

Web Operations Projects

Web Apps

PM: Kevin Chien

PiE uses several web applications that our members have built ourselves, including the Worksessions Scheduling App (built on Ruby and Rails), the Kit Extension Web Store, and the Final Comp Web App (built using Node and Angular). In Web Apps, you would have the opportunity to build on top of previous web apps, or to build a new web application that addresses the organization’s needs!


PM: Kevin Chien

Website is the team that designs and builds PiE’s website to convey content both effectively and towards aesthetic appeal. We’re a team that’s excited about learning new web technologies and utilizing them to make our website better both for the user and for the developer. Our website brings content to high school students, new staff, and sponsors, and hence there a lot of possibilities for what kind of things you might do for website. Website is a great place to start for those looking to combine a passion for user experience with programming knowledge, and to learn marketable skills such as team-driven Github workflow, responsive UI using Bootstrap, global styles using SASS, and many more skills that can equip you with the skills to build your own resume website, or perhaps to quickly build a front-end UI for a web app at a hackathon.