PiE on the Road

PiE on the Road

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Pioneers in Engineering is back with the second year of PiE on the Road! Our mission is to make robotics more accessible to students across the bay by bringing a kit to you. Our team of Berkeley students will visit three High Schools across the bay area. This event is open to all UC Berkeley and High School students.

Our custom kit is designed to teach gear ratios, elementary kinematics, and simple circuits. Our curriculum includes hands-on building coupled with instructions, conceptual problems, and design challenges to make the most out of the kit.

Based on availability, groups will be able to take a box home, so sign up now for a box near you!

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Boxes near you

Oct. 26th

5PM - 7PM

Oct. 30th

4PM - 7PM

Nov 9th

4PM - 7PM


UC Berkeley

220 Jacobs Hall

Coliseum High School

CCPA Room D23

Hayward High School

Room K4

De Anza High School