Inspire High School Students

Become a mentor for a high school robotics team. Be a role model for local students as you guide them in building a robot for PiE’s Robotics Competition. Through our class, you’ll learn what you need to know to be a mentor and help build the robot.


List of Events

Events to Come


What You Will Learn


How to guide high school students in the robotics competition


How to work with the robotics kit


How to analyze and breakdown the competition


How to inspire high school students through STEM

  • Enroll in our DeCal class for 2 units, P/NP.
  • Choose to attend section on either (not both):
    • Wednesday 7 PM - 9
    • Saturday 1 PM - 3
  • Meet with your team for two hours each week during our 9-week competition.
  • Come to PiE Robotics Competition events at UC Berkeley on select weekend season events.
  • Help students at worksessions at O'Brien Hall Breezeway (2nd floor).
  • Check out our syllabus.
  • Grab the CCN by coming to an infosession or attending the first day of class.